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Underwater Boat Maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Knowledgeable, professional service delivered in a reliable and consistent manner since 1982.
B.M.P. Certified.

Service Territories

Emery Cove, Emeryville, South Beach, Grand, Marina Village, Fortman, Oakland Yacht Club, Berkeley, Marina Bay, Brickyard, Richmond Yacht Club

Services Offered

  • hull cleaning
  • zinc replacement
  • prop work
  • underwater inspections
  • customized schedules (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.)


Although there is a pricing formula that I base bids on, all jobs are bid individually. There are many factors which affect the end result of a bid such as the type of boat, bottom paint condition, and boat length.

General Information

It is a fact that routine bottom cleanings prolong the life and improve the performance of antifouling paint. That is why I offer a variety of hull maintenance schedules: Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, or customized to your needs. If you decide to sign up for routine hull maintenance, you will no longer have to remember to call a diver; the job will be done automatically, as to your schedule.

The most common complaint prospective clients have about my competition is the diver has to be reminded to do the job. Once clients sign with Full House Diving, they usually remain until they sell their boats or go cruising for extended periods of time. Typically, these clients also tend to resume services when they purchase a new vessel or return from their journeys.

I believe that reliability is just as important as good work.


To get a bid, please call Bruce Estes, Full House Diving, at (925) 228-7136. Or, you can leave me an email message (with day and evening phone numbers) at Bruce@fullhousediving.com.
I will call you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your interest.

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